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Lucia Domenici



I rarely come across real talent that stands out like Nicola.
I had the pleasure to have her on my team for 1 year and there has never been a time she has left me without a solution. Besides being a joy to work with, Nicola is dedicated, always brings a fresh eye, strives for new challenges, is a creative thinker, and is a rockstar in the team.

Highly recommended!

Catherine Pryce


Nicola is more than a designer, she is a creative with a sharp mind for ideas, witty with copy and a keen art director. Working on various projects together has been a pleasure, her input and creativity pushes ideas and executions in interesting, engaging and unique ways. Always committed, even the 4am pitches to create a masterpiece and over deliver. Her design skills are brilliant but it would be a wasted opportunity not to use her for more than this... She's an ideas girl and very, very funny. 

Lee Hanson 


Professionally, I found Nicola to be passionately creative and an ambitious problem solver. On the projects in which we collaborated, Nicola could always be relied upon to explore a number of highly original, unexpected, and well-thought-through creative solutions that really elevated the thinking. This was achieved through her creativity, her highly accomplished design skills and her eye for detail. Personally, I found Nicola an absolute joy to work with. She is truly one of a kind, a real breath of fresh air after working in a homogeneous industry for over 20 years!

With her originality, creativity, and professional attitude combined with her likeability and infectious sense of humour, Nicola would be a huge asset to any creative environment.

Nicola is one of my favourite designers to work with, she is quick, and takes on direction all the while being proactive.

Keeps herself aware of current trends and techniques.

Hard-working and isn't scared of a late night.

She is hilarious and always lifts the mood. A joy to be around.

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