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This was a huge project that the whole creative team was involved in given that there were so many elements to it. Jeep Renegade's target audience is urban-dwelling Millenials which is why we developed this campaign with bold colours & lock-ups. The project went from concept through to delivery, & each of us took responsibility for a different section - my focus was on press, OOH, & social – but we all worked on each section when necessary

university of liverpool  


University of Liverpool wanted to increase the click-through for their online programs, so we thought the best route would be through ads on public transport between London & Liverpool. Using both print & digital we took inspirational phrases such as 'Set an example to your kids' to evoke a warm & personal connection then teamed it with a jarring counterpart, like 'Spend more time online' which is usually the opposite of what we are told. We felt this was an elegant way of demonstrating how these courses can improve your life; in this case illustrating that there are a wide range of courses online. We used their secondary colour palette as it had a more engaging range which we felt married well with the overall aesthetic of the project



This was the second year that Co-op united with Live Nation to supply festival-goers with all the mod-cons, our objective was to use 2D illustrations demonstrating what was on offer in an amusing way

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