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SubFun is a comedy night run by women, celebrating women, non-binary & queer comedy, I created the identity for this in 2019 & now in 2023, I have updated it. They wanted a bold aesthetic that steered clear of any cliché queer iconography, I decided on bright colours that clash but in a good way in 2019. In the revamp I thought I would mix geographical shapes with a luxuriously textured background  communicating the fun open atmosphere the night offers


chef dom taylor


Chef Dom Taylor wanted to elevate his brand he asked me to develop a sophisticated look for his business, I did this by revamping & simplifying his menus & creating simple illustrative lockups for his menus, and designing a website to match alongside other collateral including print and social assets


red bull


We put together a toolkit for Red Bull to make an impact in the creative sector, we showed how they could use limited branding for ultimate impact and credibility. Tottenham was selected as it has such a vibrant creative scene and therefore we could demonstrate how it would work amongst multiple creative fields. Along with POS for venues, we developed promotional tools for a weekender that would drive a younger demographic to selected venues in that area, we also used social media to galvanize that group and help bring together creatives in the area to help run events

grrrl crush


Parties run by girls for girls who like girls (& their pals).


Grrrl Crush is a night that was born in Edinburgh in 2016; it champions women in music & provides a place to be a badass bitch. Straight friendly. Trans inclusive.


I was asked to create social assets & posters that communicated the live experience they cultivate, I did this by combining modern trends and the original Riot Grrrl fanzine style