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co-op christmas



I was responsible for creating a Christmas scene to decorate all stores throughout the UK. The client wanted a festive theme without relying on obvious tropes. I created an origami-inspired winter scape teamed with woodland characters to appeal to all ages whilst remaining sophisticated; these needed to work alongside already established in-store Christmas collateral. I also had to collaborate with a printing firm to ensure all elements of this 15-piece structure worked together & as stand-alone pieces.


i'm still standing


I'm Still Standing is a podcast about trauma where comedians & performers discuss things they have gone through in a light-hearted way. The branding needed to represent the listenership, the intended demographic was Millenials & I wanted to feature the host (myself) in an illustration in an empowering way which is where the war paint idea came from. I wanted it to be a simple but elegant illustration and to be easily adapted to the individual artwork for the episodes.

I'm still standing-100.jpg
i'm still standing

socially powerful


I was commissioned to create an engaging new business pitch for Socially Powerful, as part of that I created a one-off illustration, shown below. They wanted to have something striking and unique which included their mission statement.

socialy powerful
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